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Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company

Serving Rural America for Seventy Years

The Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company was created in 1946 by five farm Bureau Federations from the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Texas. Their goal was to provide economical, stable insurance for the Southern farmer or rancher, who was underinsured. This company has spread throughout the Southern region of the US, to include coverage in eleven states, and offers a wide variety of insurance and financial products, but they are still true to their initial mission. Southern Farm Bureau Life has total assets of $8.8 billion, with net life insurance of $71.1 billion.

Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Products

The Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company offers an array of products, including business and estate financial planning, permanent and term life insurance, disability income, survivor life insurance (often called second-to-die insurance), cancer expense, and long-term care insurance. Their term insurance coverage includes the following features:

  • Annual renewable term life insurance, with premiums adjusted according to age at each renewal period
  • Ten-year term life insurance, includes level premiums for the term chosen
  • Twenty-year term life insurance, includes level premiums for the term chosen
  • Thirty-year decreasing term life insurance, ideal for mortgage coverage or the life of any loan with a decreasing balance
  • A variety of optional riders, including spouse and dependent child riders
  • The option to add one of the term policies as a rider to a permanent life insurance policy, enabling coverage for set periods of heavy financial responsibility

Financial ratings for Southern Farm Bureau

A.M. Best: A+
Fitch: AAq
Ward: Named to top 50 list in 2005
Weiss: A
Standard and Poor’s: AApi

The financial strength of a company and potential for prolonged survival are represented by the above ratings.

Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company Information

1401 Livingston Lane
Jackson, MS 39205-0078

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