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ReliaStar Life Insurance Company

A Strong Partner for Individual and Group Insurance

ReliaStar Life Insurance Company and ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York have recently been purchased by the international insurance giant ING Group. The insurance products of ReliaStar are still available under the ING name. The ReliaStar Life Insurance Company began in 1885, in Minnesota. This company has offered life insurance and health insurance benefits for both groups and individuals for over 8o years. Through its parent company, it will now have a wide variety of retirement services, annuities, reinsurance, and other financial offerings, for complete asset management. ReliaStar Insurance has total assets of $21.5 billion, with net life insurance of $461 billion. The ING Group also includes sister company, Security Life of Denver Insurance Company.

Reliastar Life Insurance Products

Life insurance offerings by the ReliaStar Insurance Company for individuals include basic and supplemental insurance products, including the following:

  • Term life insurance
  • Universal life insurance
  • Variable life insurance

Group life insurance benefits are designed to provide the desired coverage necessary to retain quality employees while minimizing the employer’s costs. Employers look for flexible, economical plans that allow the widest possible insurance selections for their employees and dependents, to provide group rates and to reduce the financial pressures on their staffs. ReliaStar and the ING Group offer such plans to businesses of all sizes and to institutions. These products include:

  • Group annual term life insurance
  • With disability income
  • Volumtary insurance products
  • Universal life insurance
  • Portable term life insurance
  • Portable universal life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Disability income insurance

All ReliaStar Insurance Company products have state-of-the-art enrollment technology, and benefit delivery, using online tools. Keeping track of benefits has never been easier for the consumer.

Financial ratings for Reliastar

A.M. Best: A+
Fitch: AA
Moody’s: Aa3
Standard and Poor’s: AA

The financial strength of a company and potential for prolonged survival are represented by the above ratings.

ReliaStar Company Information

20 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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