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National Life Group Insurance

Life is a funny thing. Amid all of the joy it has to offer you, one bad moment in an otherwise perfect day can send the lives of your family financially and emotionally reeling. It would be simple if we knew when these moments would occur so we could plan for them. Unfortunately, that's not life, and the only way to be absolutely sure is to obtain a life policy from a company like National Life Group Insurance.  

The National Life Group was originally formed in Montpelier, Vermont in 1848 as National Life Insurance Company. Today, The National Life Group serves as the Fortune 1000 umbrella organization for a range of financial service companies that – together – make up 900 employees and 870,000 customers (as of June, 2010).

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Choosing the Right Life Insurance

Whether your choose to go with The National Life Group, or you'd rather opt for another life insurance company, we can help you explore your options. The fact is: There are nearly as many types of insurance as there are stars in the sky. And this is a good thing. To get started, simply request a free, no obligation quote right here.

You'll find that choosing life insurance is a daunting task without help from a trusted advisor. There are policies to cover whole life, term life and universal life; each of these can be tailored to suit the specific needs of you and your family to protect yourselves and your assets in any situation. Let us help you make that decision for yourself.

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