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Monumental Life Insurance Company

Monumental Life Insurance Company was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1858.  By 1883 they had $1 million of insurance at work, and by 1928 they had $147 million of insurance at work.  Today, Monumental Life Insurance Company has over $17,399 million in assets.

Monumental is licensed to operate in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam.  They are one of the largest life insurance organizations in the company and are a member of the multinational AEGON Insurance Group. 

Monumental Life Insurance Products

Monumental Life Insurance offers a variety of life insurance products to insure that their customers are always able to find a program that suits his/her needs.  They offer:

Term Life Insurance

Monumental’s term life insurance programs provide financial protection for a specified amount of time.  Many people purchase a term life program when they feel that their financial contributions to their family are vital for the survival of their family.  The death benefit for this program is only paid if the covered person dies while the policy is in place.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is designed to protect you for your entire life.  This policy builds guaranteed cash value, and can help meet a family’s financial needs in case of death.  A whole life insurance policy can be used to pay the deceased’s final expenses, debts, legal costs, and can temporarily replace the family’s income. 
Interest Sensitive Whole Life Insurance-This whole life insurance program accumulates cash value on an interest sensitive basis.

Universal Life Insurance

This life insurance policy works well for people who understand finances and are willing to accept risk that may come with using a market sensitive interest rate. 

Monumental Life Company Ratings

A.M. Best: A+
Fitch: AA+
Standard & Poor’s: AA
Moody’s: Aa3

The financial strength of a company and potential for prolonged survival are represented by the above ratings.

Monumental Life Insurance Company Information

2 East Chase Street
Baltimore, MD 

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