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Lincoln Financial Group Life Insurance Company

An Umbrella Company with a Famous Name

Lincoln Financial Group began in 1905 as the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. It had special permission from Robert Todd Lincoln to use his father’s name and photo. The founding group believed that integrity was the most valuable asset of an insurance company. With such an auspicious beginning, it is no wonder the business grew rapidly, until it is now one of the largest financial services organizations in the US. Under its management, Lincoln National Life Insurance Company still thrives, as well as sister subsidiary, Lincoln Life and Annuity Company of New York. This group has more than $100 billion in total assets, and offers through its subsidiary companies a full variety of insurance, annuities, individual and group retirement plans, mutual funds, and investment management.

The Lincoln Financial Group lists seven shared values as the reason why their company has continued to flourish. The company feels that these characteristics are integral to the value of their products, and to the level of service you should expect from every one of their employees.

  • Integrity—honesty and forthrightness in all dealings
  • Commitment to excellence—strive to achieve the highest level in all parts of the business
  • Responsibility – personal accountability
  • Respect—respect others and their different points of view
  • Fairness—all actions should be impartial and honest
  • Diversity—the company encourages a diverse workplace and fair treatment
  • Employee ownership—all employees and agents are encouraged to own stock in their company

The Lincoln Financial Group recently merged with another industry giant, Jefferson-Pilot Financial. The new company will continue to be marketed as Lincoln Financial Group.

In gratitude for the use of Lincoln’s name, the group has built and maintains the Lincoln Museum, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Begun in 1929, the museum now is the largest museum dedicated to the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.

Financial ratings for Lincoln Financial Group

Standard and Poor’s: A2
Moody’s: P2
Fitch: F1

The financial strength of a company and potential for prolonged survival are represented by the above ratings.

Lincoln Financial Group Company Information

Lincoln National Corporation
Centre Square, West Tower
1500 Market, Street, Site 3900
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2112

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