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John Hancock Life Insurance Company

Founded in 1864, the John Hancock Life Insurance Company has become a giant in the world of insurance and finance. In 2003, this giant insurer and Manulife Financial Corporation merged, forming the fifth largest insurance company in the world. The John Hancock Life Insurance Company is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manulife, and the John Hancock name continues to be used in the US. The John Hancock Company has total assets of $73 billion and net life insurance value of $196.2 billion. This company recently announced a change to its business model. It will now be a needs-based, customer-oriented organization. Through this change they hope to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their clients.

John Hancock Life Insurance Plans

John Hancock is proud of its underwriting expertise. Its term life offerings include the following plans:

  • John Hancock Term Series
  • John Hancock New York Term Series
  • John Hancock Survivorship Term
  • Hancock YRT1 One Year Term
    • Single life rates
    • Joint life rates

John Hancock Term Life Policy Options

  • There are plans designed especially for mature customers and those with health problems.
  • Competitive, level –pay premiums make these offerings economical.
  • Death benefit guarantees are flexible. Customers may choose a term from 15 years to life. Life can be up to age 121
  • There are Return of Premium riders and cash value riders available.
  • The term life insurance products available are competitively priced, with generous conversion options.
  • There are plans for non-smokers, and for different risk classes of smokers.
  • Total disability and accelerated death benefit riders are available
  • There is a Late Premium payment option
  • An innovative LifeCare Benefit rider is available. This rider is similar to an accelerated death benefit.

Financial ratings for John Hancock

A.M. Best: A++
Fitch: AA+
Standard and Poor’s: AA+
Moody’s: Aa2
The financial strength of a company and potential for prolonged survival are represented by the above ratings.

John Hancock Company Information

200 Clarendon Street
John Hancock Place
Boston, MA 02117-0111

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