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GTL Life Insurance Company

Visit the GTL Life Insurance site and you will find them boasting “We’re certainly not the biggest company out there. But we’re definitely one of the best. You might even say we wrote the book.”

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (GTL) has more than 1.2 million insured’s and over $2 billion life insurance in force. Five product categories are available, from life insurance to long-term health care and special risk coverages, such as K-12, college, and athletic insurance programs.

GTL Life Insurance was founded in 1936, with the business passed down from father to son to grandson. They have benefited from the consistent top-level leadership and management continuity to provide a clear direction of who they are and where they are going.

GTL Insurance Products

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Insurance
  • Final Expense Product / Burial Insurance
  • Life Insurance with Critical Illness coverage
  • Graded Benefit Life

Qualified applicants can apply in as little as 10 minutes and get a Term Life policy approved within days, with no medical exam required. Also, their Term Life offers you guaranteed rates, with premiums that are locked in for each term period.

Priding themselves on being mid-sized, they have grown their business by being “small enough to get things done quickly, big enough to make things happen.” Their approach to listening well and being flexible has served them well, with a variety of products and services to meet specific needs and help their customers.

They have an experienced, aggressive management group, with nearly half of their staff members remaining with the company for at least five years (with over 25% having been there ten years or more). GTL also staffs a customer service group that is well-versed on all policy issues.

GTL Company Ratings

A.M. Best: B+

The financial strength of a company and potential for prolonged survival are represented by the above ratings.

GTL Life Insurance Company Information

Corporate headquarters: Glenview, IL

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