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Gerber Life Insurance Company

Insuring Babies and Their Families

This food giant began in the kitchens of Dorothy Gerber in 1927. By 1928, due to an innovative mass-marketing campaign, the familiar jars were on grocery shelves all across the nation. Now their baby products are staples in over 80 countries. In 1967, Gerber took those same marketing campaigns to launch their Gerber Life Insurance Company. The Gerber Life Insurance Company currently has over 2 million life insurance policies in force and controls more than $938 million in total assets. They are the largest seller of direct-marketing life insurance in the US, with whole and term life insurance products that cover babies, young adults, and seniors.

Gerber Life Insurance Plans

The Gerber Life Insurance Company has three products for adults. Their Easy Plan is a term life insurance product for adults in the age range of 18 to 70. The plan’s features are below:

  • Ten-year and 20-year policies are available.
  • Cash benefits range from $25,000 to $95,000.
  • Policies are renewable annually at the end of the term, with no medical exam, and at the standard premium for your age.
  • May be converted to whole life until age 65, without a physical exam.
  • The ten-year plan may be purchased up to the age of 70, and may be renewed every ten years up to age 75, without a physical exam.
  • Twenty-year term policies may be purchased until the age of 60, and renewed until the age of 65 without a medical exam.
  • Economical premiums to fit even the tightest budget
  • Level premiums are guaranteed for the life of the policy.

The company also has a whole life plan for young adults and a guaranteed life plan for the mature market, aged 50 to 75.

Gerber Life Ratings

A.M. Best: A
Standard and Poor’s: AA
Fitch: Aq

The financial strength of a company and potential for prolonged survival are represented by the above ratings.

Gerber Life Company Information

66 Church Street
White Plains, NY 10601

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