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Genworth Financial Life Insurance Company

Founded in 1871, Genworth Financial has grown to become one of the largest insurance and financial companies in the US. It now has a solid international presence as well. Genworth Financial is now a member of the GE family of companies. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries include First Colony life Insurance company and the American Mayflower Life Insurance Company of New York. Genworth has total assets of over $105 billion, and has over 15 million customers worldwide.

Genworth Financial Life Insurance Plans

Genworth Financial offers a full range of insurance, including term, whole, fixed-universal, and variable-universal life. Alone or through their subsidiaries, they offer the following term plans:

Colony Series

This plan is composed of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 year terms, with level premiums for a selected period, with annual increases for the remainder of the policy. Death benefit coverage extends to age 97.

SureTerm® Series

This plan provides a level death benefit with a guaranteed level premium for a selected term. Premiums may be paid through age 97.

VantagePoint SM Series

Offers initial level premium periods of 15, 20 or 30-year terms. These premiums then increase annually to age 95.

CorporateTerm SM

A product that is specifically formulated for the workplace. This product insures key personnel. It has a unique pricing structure only available through this company

Optional Riders

Include a waiver of premium rider, a children’s insurance rider, an accelerated death benefit rider, and also different cash value riders which offer a return and can be borrowed against. If the insured survives the term period, he receives a sum equal to all the premiums paid, minus any flat extra premium and outstanding loan amounts. Only the policy face value is paid at the insured’s death. If the loan balance becomes larger than the rider cash value, the policy ends.

Genworth Financial Ratings

A.M. Best: A+
Standard and Poor’s: AA-
Moody’s: Aa3

The financial strength of a company and potential for prolonged survival are represented by the above ratings.

Genworth Financial Company Information

6620 West Broad Street
Bldg. 4, 3rd Floor
Richmond, VA 23230

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